4 tips to avoid dry eyes with contact lenses

How to avoid dry eyes with contact lenses

1. Contact lens care

Let’s start with the most important point- disposing your contact lenses as per prescription and recommendation

Timely change of your contact lens not only prevents infection, it also helps to avoid dry eyes disease onset or progression. 

2. Choosing contact lens solution

In some cases, dry eyes are not caused by the contacts themselves, it can happen from using the wrong lens solution. Some contact lens solutions contain chemical substances that can irritate the eyes and lead to experiencing dry eyes. 

Besides adhering to the optometrist’s recommendation, it would help to trial different brands of contact lens solutions and choosing  the best one that suits your eyes. 

3. Choosing the right type of contact lenses

In general, contact lenses with low water content are great to avoid dry eyes and alleviate the dry eyes symptom. These types of lens allows great  oxygen permeability and liquid drawing to the tear film. 

  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • Silicon hydrogel contacts
  • Scleral contact lenses
  • Orthokeratology K lenses (night contacts)

4. Lifestyle

Last but not least, the day-to-day grind! It may sound cliche, but taking these lifestyle changes can help tremendously to avoid experiencing dry eyes. 

  • avoiding long hours staring at screens, including computers and phones
  • adopting good sleeping habits
  • balanced healthy diet- Vitamine A, C, E and Omega-3 are great to strengthen your eye health (make sure to consult your doctor before taking supplements!)

If you are currently suffering from dry eyes symptoms from contact lens use, please refer here for our advice on what to do or when to consult your eye doctor.

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