How Many Contact Lenses Come in One Box?

How many contacts come in a box?

Most boxes of contacts have 6 contact lenses in each box. There’s usually one box for your left eye and one box for your right eye unless you have the same prescription for both eyes – then it doesn’t matter.

Six contact lenses in a box

One order of contact lenses where you have one box for your left eye and one for your right would give you six pairs of contacts. If you use one pair a month, then that will last you 6 months.

Contacts come in different amounts per box:

  • 6 per box
  • 12 per box
  • 15 per box
  • 24 per box
  • 90 per box

Four boxes (2 boxes for each eye) will last you 1 year if you use one pair per month or roughly 6 months if you use them for 2 weeks at a time.

Mostly, you see 6 contact lenses per box and this is per eye:

  • The OD on your prescription is your right eye
  • The OS on your prescription is for your left eye
  • The OU on your prescription means it’s for both eyes

How long can contact lenses be worn?

Some contact lenses are approved by the FDA to be worn for 2 weeks and then thrown away. Some will last you a month.

Day and night contact lenses are approved to be worn for 7 days and 6 nights without taking them out.

Follow the directions that come with your contact lenses or what your eye doctor instructs you to do. Your contact lens prescription is just like getting a prescription for medicine – follow what it says.

How much do contact lenses cost?

A 12-month supply of extended wear, silicone hydrogel contact lenses will cost you around $275. Other kinds of contact lenses may cost more – like contacts for astigmatism or bi-focals, for example.

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