Can You Put Two Contacts in the Same Case?

contact lens case with one side openI just bought two pairs of contact lenses. I’ll be wearing one pair today but I didn’t bring another contact lens case with me.

Would it be fine to put both pairs in the same case if I go and buy another case tomorrow or maybe the day after that or will it hurt my contact lenses somehow?

Well, you wouldn’t want to do that all the time because the two lenses in the same side of the case could rub together and if there was some debris in there, they could get scratched up and they wouldn’t be any good.

Don’t shake up the container too much, either.

Make sure you use plenty of solution but don’t fill each side completely full or they could rub against the top of the case too much.

As you take a pair out, shoot some contact lens cleaning solution on them as they sit in your hand. This will make sure they get totally clean.

So, you should be fine – just for a day. Just be careful, like we say here and then get another lens case as soon as you can. There shouldn’t be any problems.

Good luck!

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