Contact Lens Questions

Woman in front of an eye chart

Contact Lenses OD & OS

When reading your contact lens prescription, you’ll see OD and OS listed. Here’s what they mean: OD (oculus dextrus) = your right eye OS (oculus sinister) = your left eye If you see OU, that means it’s both eyes.

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Contact lens on finger

Is it OK to Wear Contact Lenses During COVID-19?

Yes, it’s still safe to wear contact lenses but please pay attention to these tips: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before inserting or removing your contact lenses. Follow your prescribed contact lens wearing schedule and don’t wear contacts longer than recommended. Use a clean contact lens case to store your contact lenses. Make sure […]

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Packs of contact lenses

How Many Boxes of Contacts Do You Need for a Year?

Find out how to calculate how many boxes of contacts you need if you’re ordering contact lenses for a whole year.

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Girl with red hair inserting a contact lens into her eye

How Long Should You Wear Contacts for the First Time?

When wearing contact lenses for the first time, try to wear them for eight hours or for the time you eye doctor recommends. If you can only wear them a few hours, that’s fine but just make sure you take them out and put them back in the case with fresh contact lens cleaning solution. […]

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Girl inserting a contact lens in the mirror

What Are the Best Contact Lenses for Astigmatism?

Find out what astigmatism is and then what kind or brand of contact lenses you need if you have astigmatism.

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contact lens case with one side open

Can You Put Two Contacts in the Same Case?

Find out if putting two pairs of contact lenses in the same lens case is safe to do or not. We give you the answer right here.

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girl wearing eyeglasses

How Do I Convert My Glasses Prescription into a Contact Lens Prescription?

Find out how to convert a glasses prescription into a contacts prescription and find out why you might not want to do that.

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Six contact lenses in a box

How Many Contact Lenses Come in One Box?

Find out how many contact lenses come in a new box, how long they last and how much they typically cost.

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Girl behind a large eye chart

Can I Sell my Unused/Unopened Contact Lenses?

Do you have pairs of unopened contact lenses that you want to sell? They cost quite a bit, so why not get money back? Find out how to do it.

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Woman with examples of colored contact lenses

Can I Get Free Colored Contacts Samples With Free Shipping?

Colored contact lenses are fun to wear and can greatly improve your look. Find out how to get free samples and possibly get free shipping to your house.

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